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IF you have any problem with entering your credit card details, PLEASE let us know by emailing me at
All payments are done through a secure CC processing company and they need to know if problems are being had by any customers.  You can also pay directly thru PayPal, by going to PayPal.Me/BreathlessCorsets  

Please include your name and order number.

If you have any questions regarding the safety of your payment, please follow this link

Corsets may take from to three to six weeks to arrive at our destination. While we keep a large stock of corsets, we do not stock every size or colour and many of the corsets are made to order. We do however work with each customer closely to ensure satisfaction and happiness. If you require a corset for a certain date, please email us before ordering to ensure you are not disappointed.
Unless Otherwise Stated....All of our corsets are sized 18 - 40 (22 inch natural waist up to a 45 inch natural waist)

Please.....Measure your waist carefully. *
Then remove 4-5 inches from that measurement for the corset size* *
A 44 - 45 inch natural waist would be a size 40 to order
A 37 inch natural waist would be a size 32 to order
If you are in any doubt, go a size down, not up to a larger size. Fitting a larger size is practically impossible without major repairs (we don't do them)
If in doubt please check out the size chart, or email us with a custom size
*Yes the rest of you is important too, but your waist is the most important figure for sizing of your corset
* *depending on how tight you would like to be cinched :)

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE measure your waist carefully, as returns for size issues are subject to a 25% restocking charge, and extra shipping costs to resend the correct size.

Please note that if you have a problem with the credit card processor,  Please fill out your order and click submit, then go to


Please include your name and order number.  I will email you when payment is processed.


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